Lease Administration

The management of the contractual terms and rental escalations of a lease obligation, in addition to handling such issues as improvements or insurance, can be both time consuming and tedious. Failure to perform these tasks properly usually results in substantial and unnecessary expenditures. In partnership with our client's management team, we are able to provide the following services:

   Base Rental and Operating Expense Escalation Notifications
   Preparation of Lease Abstracts Including Default Provisions
   Notices and Documents Including Expansion and Renewal Options
   Architectural Review and Construction Monitoring
   Property Tax Consulting and Cost Segregation Services

Lease Renewal or Acquisition of Facilities

When a business enters into a lease agreement, whether a renewal, expansion or acquisition of facilities, it commits itself to a substantial financial obligation. Like any major capital decision, this decision should be based on a methodical, objective and comprehensive investigation of the requirement and the alternatives available in the marketplace. Our process of thorough planning and transaction management has proven effective in determining objectives and evaluating those alternatives that best suit the present and future needs of our clients, including the following considerations:

   Existing Lease Obligations
   Cost Objectives
   Location Preferences
   Square Footage Requirements
   Expansion Capabilities
   Occupancy Term
   Corporate Image
Parking Requirements
Data and Power Requirements
Design and Construction
Hours of Operation
Building Technical Information
Tenant Finish Specifications